Financial Edge gives individuals and families access to a team of financial experts who offer proven wealth-building strategies. The program by strategic financial solutions company MWR Financial helps members increase their take-home pay, reduce tax burdens, systematically restore credit score, and settle debts.

MWR Financial Products
MWR Financial’s only product is Financial Edge, a $79.97 monthly subscription to financial themed services.

Financial Edge is marketed as ‘the most comprehensive financial package in the marketplace’ and provides access to

CreditMax – credit correct and consulting
EquityMax – debt management software
MoneyMax – “provides you with UNLIMITED access to top-rated CPA’s and CFP’s” and access to TaxBot
WealthMax – “financial literacy, education, and mentorship program”
Debt Resolution Center – “offers the most comprehensive solutions for your financial problems”

Each Service accessible through the Plan shall be provided by the Service Provider offering that particular Service.

MWR Financial is only a Marketing and Administrative Agent for each Service Provider for:

Introducing the… FinancialEDGE Membership

Introducing the…
FinancialEDGE Membership